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Vigilant Security Services Inc. is a young & dynamic Security Agency, licensed by the Solicitor General of Ontario, with our head office in Kitchener and a branch office in Toronto. We bootstrapped and built Vigilant Security from the ground up based on the extensive experience of our founders, taking our passion for keeping people genuinely safe and building an organization which would genuinely do so. 


We recognized and knew the many areas for improvement in the status-quo of Security Guard Services, which laid the foundation for our passion of wanting to provide our clients with our brand of “Protection, Redefined”. Our Security Guards stand tall as the highest trained Guards in Southwestern Ontario. The respect earned for our training programs has been more than apparent as many hospital clinical staff, physicians, in-house security programs and even other contract security agencies routinely become our clients, having us deliver training through our brick-and-mortar tactical store and training centre located in Kitchener, Vigilant Tactical Solutions.


Christian Strike - Founder & CEO​

​Christian is a Member of the Association of Professional Security Instructors, International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association & the International Association of Healthcare Security and Safety. Christian founded Vigilant with a vision to redefine the expectations of both a security provider & employer, characterized by innovation, compassion & professionalism.

Locally Owned & Operated

Contact Us  |  Tel: 519 783 1371

50 Ottawa St. South, Unit 312, Kitchener, ON.

N2G 3S7

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