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Vigilant is a young & dynamic Security Agency, a local family business, owned and operated from Waterloo Region. Vigilant was built from the ground up based on the extensive experience of our founders who took their passion for keeping people genuinely safe and built an organization which could do so. Our management team brings extensive knowledge of our local Ontario communities as well as best practices.


We recognized early the many areas for improvement in the status-quo of Security Guard Services, which began a passion for wanting to provide our clients with our brand of protection. Our Security Guards are second to none as the highest trained Guards in Southwestern Ontario – the respect earned for our staff training has been more than apparent as both in-house Security Programs and contract Security Agency’s routinely become our clients, having us deliver training to their own staff.


The beginning stage of our professionalism starts in our partnership with Stay Safe Instructional Programs (SSIP). Our staff complete SSIP industry specific training in Advanced Crisis Management, Effective Communication, Advanced Criminal Code & Authorities, Use of Force Theory, Active & Compliant Handcuffing, Expandable Baton and Sharp-Edged Weapons Defence. Our most advanced trained Security Officers also complete Firearms Proficiency training in the form of the Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course & RCMP/OPP Authorization to Carry course.


We believe with proper training our employees will act with respect, empathy, and professionalism. Our employees care about their quality of work and treat the public appropriately, representing both Vigilant Security and our clients with outstanding professional customer service.


Christian Strike - Founder & CEO​

​Christian is a Member of the Association of Professional Security Instructors, International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association & the International Association of Healthcare Security and Safety. Christian founded Vigilant with a vision to redefine the expectations of both a security provider & employer, characterized by innovation, compassion & professionalism.

Marc Moses - Operations Manager, Protection Services

Marc joined the Vigilant team in 2020, taking on the portfolio of our Tier 1 Security Guards. A Kitchener native with over 25 years of experience in private security, Marc brings very well-rounded experience to ensure our staff have all the tools and training they need to ensure the highest quality service for our clients.

Alfred Graham – Operations Manager, Strategic Services 

Alfred (Al) has been with Vigilant since its inception. Al specializes in overseeing Vigilant’s Tier 2 Protection Agents. With over 25 years of experience in Security & Law Enforcement, Al prides himself in leading from the frontline, where our services are delivered.

Elisha Ishimwe - Operations Supervisor 

Elisha, attending Conestoga College's Police Foundations program, is responsible for providing & overseeing front line guidance to our Supervisors, Field Training Officers & Security Guards. Elisha started his first job as a Security Guard with Vigilant shortly after we opened our doors & our clients will say there's no one better suited to ensure our brand of protection is delivered consistently day after day.  

Locally Owned & Operated

Contact Us  |  Tel: 519 783 1371

50 Ottawa St. South, Unit 312, Kitchener, ON.

N2G 3S7

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