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Why trust Vigilant Training?

Through partnership with Stay Safe Instructional Programs (SSIP), we are confidently providing the best quality training in the private security and safety community. Through certification of our instructor by SSIP, we bring a unique method of delivering our recognized “Court Defensible” training systems that comply with every level of government legislation from Local to Federal. We have established a strong reputation based on our moral and ethical practices in delivering high quality customized training to our clientele. If you have interest in advancing the skills of yourself or your staff, our training programs will more than exceed your expectations. We have experience facilitating class sizes from as little as two (2), or up to forty (40) students.


Stay Safe programs are the only Crisis Management or Use of Force programs we will accept as certification training for our Vigilant Security Officers. This is a much higher standard than average for the Security Industry in Ontario, and we will not offer less to you than what we expect of ourselves. 


Members of the public in areas such as public relations, healthcare, or any service industry will find our M.O.R.B.™ program very beneficial when serving other members of the public.


Through partnership with SSIP, we currently offer training in the following areas:


  • Advanced Crisis Management


  • Effective (Tactical) Communications


  • Advanced Criminal Code and Authorities


  • Resistance Management (Use of Force Theory)


  • Subject Restraint (Handcuffing – active/compliant)


  • Defensive Tactics - Sharp Edged Weapons Defense


  • Defensive Tactics - Expandable Baton Impact Weapons


  • Report Writing and Statement Taking


  • Mental Health and the Law / Pinel Restraints in Healthcare


  • M.O.R.B.™


Contact Us  |  Tel: 519 783 1371

50 Ottawa St. South, Unit 312, Kitchener, ON.

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