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Resistance Management Certification

The Resistance Management Certification (RMC) is a 24 hour program facilitated over (3) days. The program is both classroom and physical skills intensive to ensure participants are able to show competency in the material. The RMC program was developed by Stay Safe Instructional Programs, and is recognized by every reputable Private Security Agency in Canada. Participants able to show competency in the required skills will receive a Certificate and Wallet Card from Stay Safe Instructional Programs to prove competency. The program is insured for both errors/omissions and was developed by "Court Recognized" Subject Matter Expert Steve Summerville, a former instructor of the Ontario Police College in Aylmer, Ontario.   

The Resistance Management Certification consists of:

  • Advanced Crisis Management Program

  • Advanced Effective Communication Program

  • Advanced Criminal Code and Authorities Program

  • Resistance Management (Use of Force) Theory Program

  • Subject Restraint (Active/Compliant Handcuffing) Program

  • Defensive Tactics - Sharp Edged Weapons Defense


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